fn CLI Upgrade (Wallet)

Findora Node Setup (fn) is a command-line (CLI) utility that allows you to perform wallet operations such as staking and unstaking FRA.

Upgrade the fn CLI Tool​

You can download the fn tool using one of the two options below.

For Mac and Linux users, you must move the fn tool to the /usr/local/bin/ path.

Option #1 - Automatic

Run wget command below download the latest fn CLI to your node.

Enter the following command:
wget https://github.com/FindoraNetwork/findora-wiki-docs/raw/main/.gitbook/assets/fn

Run chmod command below to apply the appropriate permissions to the file.

Enter the following command:
chmod +x fn

Move the file to the appropriate location with mv.

mv fn /usr/local/bin/

Option #2 - Manual

Download the file below and manually transfer it to your node.

Move the binary file to the appropriate directory once it file is downloaded and manually transferred to your node. Run this at the directory where the file was trasferred.

mv fn /usr/local/bin/mv fn /usr/local/bin/

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