ETH Denver 2023

Findora hackathon at ETH Denver 2023
Hackathon - Findora
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Pick a Track for Your EVM dApp on Findora:

⭐️ Private Payroll
Employee pay and salary are always sensitive – and for good reason. If a team’s payment inequality is leaked to the public, it can lead to the disintegration of the team.
Furthermore, contractors and vendors need to be able to keep their payments private so they don’t lose a competitive edge against a competitor who would otherwise try to game the system or undercut their work’s intended value.
With Findora Triple Masking transfer, Zero Knowledge Proof-based payments on stablecoins hide all sensitive information (address, amount, and asset) from the public. ⭐️ Private NFT Ownership
The implementation of privacy features on NFTs allows owners to better safeguard their ownership of a particular asset, as the address associated with these assets will not be publicly accessible. This reduces the risk of phishing attacks, eliminating a common attack vector that is prevalent online.
Try to find a proper way to verify the ownership of an NFT without revealing the owner’s public key (and address). ⭐️ Private Card Games
A card (or card-like) game using Findora mental-poker.
Enjoying a card game on the Ethereum blockchain presents a unique set of challenges compared to playing on a centralized game server. This is due to the transparency of data on the blockchain, where every card is publicly visible. To overcome this, card shuffling must be executed in a manner that prevents nodes/validators from gaining knowledge of any specific card in the deck.
Additionally, players desire to keep their own cards concealed from one another until it is time to reveal them.
Note: Privacy Routing SDK can currently only be used on the Findora Forge Testnet. See network settings for RPC details and request Forge EVM testnet FRA tokens here.

Findora Private Transactions

Findora’s Privacy Routing SDK will allow developers to mask specific attributes from on-chain transactions: sender/receiver address, asset type, and asset amount. Using the SDK, developers can send private transactions from one Findora EVM address to another Findora EVM address.
You can use privacy-routing-SDK to transfer any FRC-20 asset (including FRA) on Findora Smart Chain from Address A to Address B and remove the link between the two addresses. Both addresses can be classical user addresses or contract addresses.

Learn more about the Privacy Routing SDK

Support & Resources

Findora developers will attend the Denver on-site event to help support the hackathon participants. Additionally, developers may use the Findora Discord channel to ask questions and speak to a specialist from the team.