Emergency Recovery

The safety clean script can be used as a last resort to obtain the latest version, wipe the node of stale data, and download the latest database.

Auto Safety Clean​

Use the following scripts to clean the data and restart the validator. Please note that this script WILL NOT clean your validator ID and wallet data.

Expect a long period of downtime while the database is downloaded.

Option #1 - Automatic

Download the safety_clean script to your node using wget.

Enter the following command:
wget https://github.com/FindoraNetwork/findora-wiki-docs/raw/main/.gitbook/assets/safety_clean_mainnet.sh

Run the script.

bash -x safety_clean_mainnet.sh

Option #2 - Manual

Download and manually transfer the script to your node.

Run the script at the directory where the file has been transferred.

bash -x safety_clean_mainnet.shbash -x safety_clean_mainnet.shbash -x safety_clean_mainnet.shbash -x safety_clean_mainnet.sh


The Auto Safety Clean script will:

1. Get the latest image version number 
2. Stop the exist findorad docker container
3. Remove the existing data (data only, not the keys)
    rm -rf "${ROOT_DIR}/findorad"
    rm -rf "${ROOT_DIR}/tendermint/data"
    rm -rf "${ROOT_DIR}/tendermint/config/addrbook.json"
4. Download the latest data from Findora and mv to the data folders.
5. Start a new container with the latest version
6. Output the container status and image version

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