Local Development Network Setup

This guide walks through how to deploy a local blockchain instance for software development and testing purposes. Alternatively, developers can also develop and test on Anvil Testnet.

1. Prerequisitesโ€‹

i) Install Golangโ€‹


Tips for Linux (Ubuntu)โ€‹

#first command needs to be run as root, rest as your normal user
wget https://go.dev/dl/go1.18.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz 
sudo su 
rm -rf /usr/local/go && tar -C /usr/local -xzf go1.18.3.linux-amd64.tar.gz

#exit root now

#add to path. For more permanent you should add this line to bottom of your ~/.profile
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin

#check go version
go version

ii) Install Rust


If already installed, please update to 1.59 or newer

rustup update

iii) Install System Specific Dependencies

sudo apt update && \
sudo apt upgrade -y && \
sudo apt install -y build-essential libleveldb-dev libssl-dev pkg-config clang libclang-dev librocksdb-dev

2. Build Required Binariesโ€‹

Findora blockchain can run on both MacOS or Linux. The commands below will build all required binaries to start a local Findora blockchain.

git clone -b v0.3.19-release https://github.com/FindoraNetwork/platform &&
cd platform &&
make build_release

Please make sure to add all below 3 binaries to your $PATH. By default, they will be copied to ~/.cargo/bin/ which should already be in your $PATH.

  • stt: The tool to initialize Findora blockchain.

  • abcid: Findora core protocol.

  • tendermint: Tendermint consensus engine.

3. Install Python3 and toml-cliโ€‹

Findora devnet tools are written in Python3 and use toml-cli to manipulate configuration files. Install Python3 if not already installed. Also, install toml-cli using the command below:

pip3 install toml-cli

and then copy newly installed toml cli tool to /usr/local/bin to make it visible

cp /Library/Python/3.x/site-packages/toml /usr/local/bin

4. Run Devnetโ€‹

Inside your platform directory, execute make devnet in the terminal.

i) What's in devnet?โ€‹



The validator


The fullnode


The key pair that holds FRA

ii) How to control devnet?โ€‹

The local blockchain can be stopped and restarted anytime during development and tests.

  • Stop Blockchain: ./tools/devnet/stopnodes.sh

  • Restart Blockchain: ./tools/devnet/startnodes.sh

  • Start Over: make devnet again.

5. Devnet URLs and Portsโ€‹


connects to Web3 HTTP

connects to Web3 WebSocket

6. Troubleshootโ€‹

  • Problem 1

    • Error Message:

      • make build_release fails with go:linkname must refer to declared function or variable

  • Solution

    • Update your golang.org/x/sys

      # go to platform/tools/tendermint run following to update  
      go get -u golang.org/x/sys

  • Problem 2

    • .findora file is missing

  • Solution

    • manually add .findora to your home directory (i.e. directory ~)

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