Acquire a Server

The example below shows how to acquire a virtual server running on Contabo, a cloud provider with affordable rates.

Running a validator on Findora requires you have a server running 24x7x365. We suggest using a cloud provider and virtual server to run your node, but a personal server would suffice as well.

Step 1: Get a server

To run a validator you need a server that can run 24x7. You can run it on your personal server or get one from a cloud provider such as Contabo, Digital Ocean, AWS, GCP, or Azure.

We do not recommend using your home computer. Issues with your home computer software, hardware, connection, or power will create downtime for your node and your stake will be slashed as a result.

If you do not have a server now, we suggest renting a VPS on Contabo for a combination of affordability and performance.

Click this link to rent a server.

As an example, the Contabo VPS L server meets the recommended specs to run a Findora validator node. The minimum storage required for Findora Mainnet Validator is 200GB, but we suggest opting for 400GB NVMe for peace of mind.

Enter a password and keep all other options default.

Once you have acquired a server, you may proceed to set up your new validator on Findora.

Step 2: Node Setup

Two options are available for you when it comes to the setup:

  • Manual Setup

    • This method walks you through the process, step-by-step, one command at a time. This is recommended for first timers as you get to learn the process before taking shorter, easier paths.

  • Toolbox Setup

    • This method uses a toolbox to do much of the heavy lifting for you. The toolbox provides you with a set of tools for managing and troubleshooting your validator.

You can install the toolbox separately after following the steps in Manual Setup.

Proceed with one of the options above to setup a validator on your new server.

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