Prism++ Testnet Campaign FAQs

Some FAQs we've received from the community on the campaign

Signing Up for the Campaign

1. Where is the link to join the campaign?

You can find the link here:

Additionally, you can learn more about the info and get relevant links in our announcement article.

2. Where is the sign-up form?

Filling out this form lets us see your progress in the campaign so you can receive your OAT (on-chain achievement tokens) from Project Galxe and receive any airdrop funds you may have earned. Make sure the EVM wallet you list is the same one that you’ve connected to Project Galxe and the same one you’ll use for Prism++ transfers.

3. If I didn’t complete the sign-up form, can I get the rewards?

No. Findora needs your wallet address to verify the on-chain tasks. If you didn’t complete the signup form with your wallet addresses, we can’t verify your completion of the tasks.

4. What Do I need to provide in the signup form?

  1. Your name

  2. Your email address: we will contact you if you are eligible for any airdrop rewards.

  3. EVM wallet address: you must provide the EVM wallet address which you use for all Prism++ tasks. It must be the same as the one you used to claim the OAT on Project Galxe.

  4. Two UTXO wallet addresses. You’ll send FRC20, 721, and 1155 tokens between these addresses in the campaigns.

It doesn’t matter what address you use first in the campaign or which one you list first in the form, as long as you use the same two addresses throughout the campaign.

Claiming a Badge

5. I have completed the on-chain tasks. Why can’t I claim the OAT?

Due to the constraints on Galxe, we need to manually verify the on-chain tasks and update the rewards list on Galxe. We plan to do it daily, but if you can’t claim the OAT, its only because we haven’t updated the list yet. We’ll aim to update it within two business days.

Downloading the Testnet Wallet and Funding It

6. Where can I download the Testnet Wallet?

Right here:

7. Can I replace the Mainnet wallet application with the testnet wallet application?

No. The testnet wallet application is only meant testnet campaigns at this time.

8. Where is the faucet for test tokens (FRC20/721/1155)?

Right here:

The faucet may take a few minutes (up to 15) to send you tokens.

9. Why can't I see the testnet tokens in my MetaMask Wallet?

You need to import the token type to your MetaMask before they'll be visible under the asset tab. Go to "Import Token" and input the necessary information. You can find the information needed for FRC20 tokens here and for FRC721 tokens here.

For FRC1155 tokens, you won't need to add use your MetaMask wallet at all for this campaign. Learn more here.

10. I don’t have enough FRA gas fee for my UTXO wallets, how can I get some?

You can get some testnet FRA from the faucet, then use the Prism++ to transfer the FRA from your EVM wallet to your UTXO native wallet. A more detailed guide can be found here:

10. If I am stuck during the campaign tasks, where can I look for the help? Check our detailed Prism++ campaign tutorials. You can also ask our mods in the telegram group or discord server for help. We will be updating our docs as more questions come to make them more clear. Please feel free to reach out as needed!

11. I've completed the task; why can't I claim the OAT on Galxe immediately?

Your participation may take some time to be verified. Please wait at least a couple of days after completing tasks before attempting to claim your badge (OAT). If you still cannot claim it, feel free to reach out to us in the #prism++-testnet-update channel on Discord.

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