Triple Masking

Triple Masking is a revolutionary, zk-based technology that allows for encrypted on-chain data. Through Triple Masking, the wallet address, token type, and token amount of a transaction can all be kept private on the block explorer.

The Triple Masking Demo is now available on Anvil Testnet!

Triple Masking has been packaged into the Triple Masking SDK for developers and Triple Masking for wallets. In wallets like the Findora wallet, users will be able to use Triple Masking to send and receive transactions that can maintain the integrity of their on-chain identity through zk-encryption.

To experience Triple Masking for yourself, check out our Triple Masking Demo on the next page. You'll be able to try the Triple Masking Demo even after the marketing campaign has finished.

Gas Fee Breakdown

Here's a quick breakdown of the gas fees involved in Triple Masking:

The detailed calculation for the gas fee method is as follows:

50_0000 + 10_0000 * x + 20_0000 * y + (10_000 * extra_outputs)

- x is no.of inputs and y is no.of outputs.

- extra_outputs = y-x (if y>x).

- Fee deducted implicitly. No separate fee op required.

- An extra output is created for remainder of each asset type and that is incl in the fee formula as well

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