Automated Setup (Deprecated)

This guides shows how to use the automated setup scripts to configure your validator node and download the binaries automatically.

Setup the fn CLI Tool

fn: Findora Node Setup (fn) is a command-line (CLI) utility that allows you to set up a validator node and stake/unstake FRA.

Download the appropriate file and move to your path:

chmod +x fn
mv fn /usr/local/bin/

Generate Keys

Generate a new, random pair of public and private keys that will be used for FRA staking:

fn genkey > tmp.gen.keypair

To view the keys: cat tmp.gen.keypair


# Note: This is an example. Do not use them in your own node.
Wallet Address: fra1955hpj2xzkp4esd5928yhtp0l78ku8fkztvwcypvr8mk6x8tkn6sjsajun
Mnemonic: repair drink action brass term blur fat doll spoon thumb raise squirrel tornado engine tumble picnic approve elegant tube urge ghost secret seminar blame
Key: {
    "pub_key": "LSlwyUYVg1zBtCqOS6wv_49uHTYS2OwQLBn3bRjrtPU=",
    "sec_key": "b0MGhK7xaRQHuhzFkaBhQ1o4GwTumJEWt1NQ7FChNwA="

Before continuing, the staking keypair should be saved in a file at the following path:

cp tmp.gen.keypair /data/findora/mainnet/mainnet_node.key

Note: If this directory does not exist, you will need to create it.

Download and run the automated setup script


bash -x


All existing validator and wallet information will be removed by running these scripts. If all you want is to keep your data, Safety Clean should be used

Connect to the Network

To connect fn with the Findora Network, use this command:

  • For Testnet: fn setup -S

  • For Mainnet: fn setup -S

To connect your staking key (inside node.mnemonic) to fn, use the below command. This allows fn to sign transactions on your behalf.

# Ex: fn setup -O ${ROOT_DIR}/node.mnemonic
fn setup -O <Path to the mnemonic of your node> || exit 1

To connect your Node Key to fn, use the command below.

# Ex: fn setup -K ${ROOT_DIR}/tendermint/config/priv_validator_key.json
fn setup -K <path to validator key> || exit 1


For the next steps, proceed to this Staking Guide to learn how to fund your validator and stake FRA.

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