Developer Tools

There are a number of EVM tools for developers building on Findora's GSC.

Testnet Tokens

For testnet tokens, you can use this faucet: Feel free to reach out to the team with any questions or issues. Once you claim testnet FRA, you can bridge it to the GSC testnet using


RandDAO is a decentralized application aiming to generate verifiable random numbers on the blockchain.

Developers can initiate a random number task through the β€˜newCampaign()’ function, specifying parameters that dictate the target block for generation, deposit amounts, and commit timelines. Once initiated, participants must commit and reveal their random numbers within defined timeframes. The generated random number can be retrieved using the β€˜getRandom()’ function, after the target block is reached. However, if the retrieval fails for reasons such as not reaching the target block or non-compliance by participants, rewards can be returned using the β€˜refundBounty()’ function.

For more info on using RanDAO's contracts, see their documentation:

RanDAO Contract Address on GSC

GSC Testnet


GSC Mainnet


The ZkGaming SDK

Findora card game SDK is an all-purpose tool set that enables game developers to easily build on-chain games using zero-knowledge proof technology. Learn more in its GitHub repo:

Graph Node on Findora's GSC



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