Existing Build

Toolbox will install on existing validators.

Install Requirements

You will need to install a few packages to be able to run the toolbox on an existing validator server. Run the following command to install packages used:

sudo apt install python3-pip python3-dotenv git -y

Pull script & Run Installer

Our menu will launch and ask you a few simple questions to get you fully loaded and online. Run the following code to pull and setup findora.sh our main script:

cd ~/ && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FindoraNetwork/findora-toolbox/main/src/bin/findora.sh && chmod +x findora.sh

Launching Toolbox

Once findora.sh is downloaded and configured to run, the command below is used to launch the full toolbox menu. This will pull the latest updates for toolbox each time it is launched.

cd ~/ && ./findora.sh

Running the toolbox will present a screen similar to the image below.

See below for notes on each option presented in the full menu.

Keep in mind that options 8, 9, 10, and 999 may result in missed blocks!



Show 'curl' stats info

Shows output of curl 'http://localhost:26657/status', most info will be moved to the front page


Show 'fn' stats info

Shows output of fn show, most info will be moved to the front page


Claim Pending FRA

Claim your pending rewards


Transfer FRA

Send your FRA to another address


Set Transfer Options Menu

A menu to configure your transfer options


Change Rate or Info Menu

A menu to configure your rate or update your validator's info via staker_memo


Update fn Application

Pull and update to the latest version of the fn application


Update Findora Container

Pull latest version, re-create and restart local server container, you may miss blocks


Run Safety Clean

Runs the safety_clean script, wipes database, preserves wallet info, full reset of system


Update Operating System

Safely stops your container before running updates, you may miss blocks


Show system disk info

Info about hard drive space!


TMI about your Server

All of the hardware information on your VPS


Reboot Server

Safely stop your container & reboot your server. You will miss blocks with this option!

Help Menu

See the help menu options anytime with the following command:

./findora.sh -h

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