The Reward Raffles

There are three raffles in the Game Chain Challenges event on Galxe:

1.) The USDT Standard Raffle: The 250 USDT raffle requires two OATs, Bard & Guardian. To enter the raffle, complete the 1st campaign (Celebrate) and 2nd campaign (Play), obtain each OAT, and proceed to the Standard Raffle.

Because this raffle happens on Galxe, you must join the Standard Raffle campaign, which verifies you have both OATs to be eligible.

2.) Bonus | The Game Winners Raffle: Players who win a game of Enders Gate will automatically be eligible for an additional prize pool with $500 worth of FRA. Ten lucky, random winners will each receive a reward of $50 in FRA. The coins will be based on the 24-hour average at the closing of this campaign series on September 4.

By simply winning the Champion’s OAT, you will automatically be entered into this raffle. Stay tuned to Findora social media channels after the completion of the campaign for the raffle drawing.

3.) Bonus | The Referral Raffle: The $100 FRA referral raffle requires you to refer a friend to the first campaign (Celebrate) and second campaign (Play). The Referral Campaign checks if your referral completed the steps of those two campaigns before you become eligible for this raffle. Four random lucky winners will receive $25 in FRA, Findora’s native coin, calculated by the 24-hour average price at the close of the Game Chain Challenges event.

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