Adding Assets to the Findora Wallet

Adding assets is easy in the Findora wallet.

Go to manage assets in the sidebar. Click the "+ Add" button on the top right corner.

Choose which wallet to add the asset to and input the Asset Code and what you would like to call the asset. We recommend using the official name for the token to keep them straight.

To receive the Prism++ airdrop, add USDT.b with the asset code β€œRNalMS7UQyw14xH1rCReNxKLcrDtMHSRuAgNdHJQnZk=” and name it USDT.b

It may take up to a minute for the token to appear.

Here is a full list of assets that you can currently add to the Findora Wallet, as of May 28th 2023:

Token NameAsset CodeContract Address

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