EVM Staking

EVM-Staking allows users to stake using Metamask.

1. Set up Findora QA04 network in your Metamask

Network name



Chian ID


Currency symbol


Block explorer URL

2. Visit the testnet website for EVM-staking, and connect your Metamask wallet

3. After connecting your wallet, you can see your staking information

4. Click the "Stake" button, enter the amount you want to stake, and choose a validator to start staking

Always leave a small amount of FRA on your account. This is needed for transaction fees.

5. Click the "Unstake" button and enter the amount you want to unstake. In testnet, wait 8 blocks after you unstake and your FRA will be returned to the account

6. Click the "Claim" button and enter the number of reward tokens you want to claim

7. Click the "Transactions" button to view your transaction history

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