Findora's University Program

Findora is partnering with colleges and university blockchain clubs to be an active part of the Findora network and community.

Already part of Findora's university program?

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Key Benefits

Tokens for Staking

Findora will delegate 1,000,000 FRA tokens for staking, loaned to the university org for one year to ensure your club has staking and voting power on the network.

Network Rewards

We expect the annual yield to converge between 10-1. Your organization can keep 100% of these rewards. To view the current APY, go to


Validators will have a say in the future development of the network and its broader purpose. You would be treated equally.

Expected Costs

$500 per month of cost is covered for the first year. The validator rewards should outweigh the costs after the first year.

Training and Education

Findora can provide real-time technical support as you set up. We can run educational sessions with all those in your organization interested in emerging technologies including secure computing, decentralized networks, and machine learning.

The Findora team is one of the most experienced in practical and theoretical cryptography. We would love to partake in workshops, educational sessions, and speaking panels, and help your University Club grow in whatever way is most helpful.

I'm interested. How do I join?

We’re glad to hear that!

Reach out and meet with a coordinator of the Findora Validator #rogram for Colleges and Universities. Findora will help onboard you as a validator. Send an email for more information!

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