🧒Pupil: FRC20 Token Transfers

Second stage of the Prism++ testnet campaign. Transferring FRC20.

For the Pupil, Pilgrim, and Prodigy badge, you will need to complete a Prism++ Transfer loop FRC20, FRC721, and FRC1155 tokens, respectively.

In this stage you will:

a. Obtain FRC20 testnet tokens to your Metamask.

b. Transfer these tokens to your Findora Testnet Wallet app using Prism++.

c. Initiate a confidential transfer from UTXO wallet 1 to UTXO wallet 2 and back.

d. Transfer these tokens back to your Metamask using Prism++.

Fund your EVM Wallet with FRC20 Tokens

1. Visit the Findora Testnet Faucet to receive FRC20 testnet tokens to Metamask.

2. To view the tokens, add FRC20 via Import Tokens on Metamask.

FRC20 contract address: 0x0066dDAE5A510Bc751947057D2155783c9DdE1A6

Token Decimal: 6

Transfer Your FRC20 Tokens Using Prism++ (EVM->Native)

1. In the Findora Wallet, click the Prism++ tab and set EVM wallet to Native wallet as the direction.

2. Select your the EVM wallet and then select your 1st UTXO Wallet.

If you haven't imported your Metamask private key, see the Testnet Wallet Setup page for help.

3. On the same screen, click Asset Type and then paste the FRC20 contract address below: 0x0066dDAE5A510Bc751947057D2155783c9DdE1A6. Click "Findora Faucet" in the search results.

4. Set the amount to any value below maximum available (10 for example).

5. Finish the Prism++ transfer by clicking Next then Submit.

Confidential Transfer Your FRC20 Tokens (UTXO1->UTXO2)

1. Input your native wallet address (UTXO Wallet 1) and the amount.

2. On Send tab, perform the confidential transfer for the FRC20 token from UTXO Wallet 1 to UTXO Wallet 2. Findora Desktop Wallet supports confidential transfer to help you customize the level of privacy you prefer for your transfers. To complete the Campaign Tasks, please perform a fully Confidential Transfer in which you hide both the "Asset Type' and the "Asset Amount" of the transaction. You won't be able to see the transaction details (of this transfer) on the Findora Block Explorer.

3. Open the Manage Assets tab, and copy the FRC20’s asset code. Then click the Add button.

4. Add the asset to your UTXO wallet 2.

Prism++ Your FRC20 Tokens (Native->EVM)

Use Prism++ to transfer the FRC20 token back to your EVM wallet.

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