How to transfer FRA between the EVM and UTXO chains.

Prism++ allows you to transfer any FRC-20, 721, or 1155 token between the EVM and UTXO ledgers on Findora. By using Prism, users can move their FRA from their MetaMask wallet (EVM) to their native wallet (UTXO) for staking.

Step #1

Export the private key from MetaMask and store it in a secure location.


The private key gives any holder full access to your assets stored in your account. Do not share this with any untrusted individual, dApp, or service.

Step #2

Go to the Prism++ section on the Findora Wallet and choose a transfer direction by clicking the arrow icon. In this guide, we show how to transfer from an EVM-compatible Wallet such as MetaMask to the Native Wallet. However, you can reverse the direction according to your needs by clicking the allow, as shown below.

Step #3

Click the EVM-compatible Wallet and add your MetaMask wallet private key that was exported in Step #1 above. Click the Confirm button once you're ready to continue.

Step #4

Input the amount and the destination wallet address, and click Next. You may also click the Address button to select an account already created in your Findora Wallet.

Step #5

Your FRA will be migrated to the destination wallet after confirming the transaction.

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