🧑‍🎓🧑🎓 Prodigy: FRC1155 Token Transfers

Fund Your EVM Wallet with 1155 Tokens

  1. Visit Findora Faucet to receive FRC1155 testnet tokens. Unlike with FRC721 or FRC20 tokens, you won't be able to add these to MetaMask wallet yet. Instead, to help test Prism++ with this token type, head directly to the Findora wallet (Be sure to complete FRC20 and FRC721 transfers before attempting this part of the testing).

Use Prism++ to Transfer Your 1155 Tokens from the EVM address to your first UTXO wallet.

  1. In the Findora Wallet, click the Prism++ tab and choose the direction from EVM wallet to Native wallet. Then confirm your imported EVM wallet.

  1. Click Asset Type and search the FRC1155 by token ID 0 and the contract address: 0xDFC09ffE02F665c7055Fe145dcDB1b697D58a984.

  1. Input your native wallet address and the amount. Then submit the transaction.

Confidential Transfer Your 1155 Tokens

  1. To confidentially send an FRC1155 token from your first UTXO Wallet to the second, go to the Send tab in the sidebar. Set up a transaction from UTXO Wallet 1 to UTXO Wallet 2

  1. The Findora Desktop Wallet supports confidential transfers to help you customize the level of privacy you prefer for your transfers. But for this task, please mask both the Asset Type and Asset Amount. Choose "Hide Amount" and "Hide Asset Type."

  1. Next, add the FRC1155 token to the assets in your second UTXO wallet. Go the Manage Assets tab, and copy the FRC1155’s asset code from UTXO wallet 1. Then click Add button and copy/paste the asset code into Wallet 2.

Use Prism++ to Send Your 1155 Tokens Back to the EVM Wallet.

Using Prism++ to transfer the FRC1155 token back to your EVM wallet.

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