Scaling Ethereum Privacy
Findora is a privacy protection public blockchain based on zero-knowledge proof. It aims to become the next-generation financial infrastructure. It is co-sponsored by world-class cryptographers, experienced distributed engineering teams, and entrepreneurs.
Findora is at the forefront of blockchain technology, focusing on bringing breakthroughs to Web 3.0, rather than gradual improvements. Findora uses a variety of the latest trustless and efficient zero-knowledge proof technologies to introduce effective confidential/anonymous asset operations/transactions into the open blockchain; Findora uses similar technologies to create a confidential identity and qualification credentials for the blockchain world and uses the best zkSNARKS in its class to create an optimized ZK-Rollup service to help expand the entire blockchain field.
In addition, Findora innovatively uses various proven data structures to create efficient new blockchains. Findora provides the infrastructure to incentivize decentralized financial innovation and large-scale migration of traditional financial industry to blockchain.
This documentation is maintained by the Findora community. Findora Foundation would like to commend everybody in the Findora community for their dedication, trust, and evangelism in achieving this together.